Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Creating a Sense of Collaboration

When we want to create an environment which engages faculty with learners, we need to consider creating spaces that promote discussion and collaboration. First we need to have curriculum which promotes opportunities of collaborative learning.  Then, we can focus on some of the ways we can enhance this experience through a series of design and technology options. 

An innovation room conceived to complement collaboration
Selecting tables and chairs with wheels helps to promote an environment of flexibility and innovation.  In addition, providing plenty of "analog" white boards encourages the sharing of concepts and ideas.  Providing a main projection screen, along with flat panel monitors located around the room provides the opportunity to direct attention to the front of the room, or to group work. 

In this room faculty have the flexibility to select multiple video sources in the front of the room, or to the "group work" at one of the three flat panels around the perimeter of the space. The faculty also have full control of lighting and presentation sources via a touch panel at the podium.  This innovation room make the learning environment flexible, engaging, and very collaborative.

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