Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Impact of Social Media in Politics

On October 7, I had the opportunity to present the session, "The Impact of Social Media: Authentic Learning in Politically Charged Environments." The session was part of a day long workshop hosted by the University of Wisconsin System Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC). The entire event was entitled, "Authentic Learning with Digital Media." You can follow the Twitter feed from the conferencer at #LTDCWRS.

My session graphically showed how social media can reinforce, influence, and change opinions in politically charged environments- in this case in Wisconsin beginning in February 2011. By showcasing CNN iReports, YouTube, and Twitter feeds, a chronological case study illustrated how social media can present fact, and fiction, to the world. Over 90,000 CNN iReport views, 500 global comments, and numerous press announcements help to put the polticial upheavel in Wisconsin in context, augmented with examples of how social media played a pivotal role in shaping and changing opinions.

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