Wednesday, April 28, 2010

100 Years- Once in a Lifetime

This video was produced to celebrate 100 years of world history as part of our University's Centennial Celebration. It was created within Adobe Affect Effects with nearly 40 independent annimation channels. To see more videos on YouTube subscribe to jjorstad13 or go to the The Learning Space within YouTube. Enjoy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

UNLEASH 2010 International Conference

I just returned from the Sonic Foundry UNLEASH International Conference in Madison, WI. The event was extremely well attended with attendees from all across the U.S., in addition to my colleagues from Brazil, Helder Conde, Atitude Digital Media; Leon Huijbers, Technische Universtiteit Delft, the Netherlands; and Mark Dashper, University of Aukland.
I gave a presentation entitled "Creating Rich Media-Bringing Good Things to Life." The key concept was to utilize the MUSE strategy when developing rich media for academic and administrative uses, M=memorable, U=understandable, S=sustainable, and E=emotional. To see a preview of the session, click here.