Friday, September 02, 2011

Social Media in Politically Charged Environments

I recently presented a first-in-a-series session on the use of "Social Media in Politically Charged Environments." This in-depth and well documented project, includes images, videos, blogs, YouTube video, and Twitter feeds as it portrays the impact of social media on the political environment in Wisconsin since February 2011. Included in the presentation are CNN iReports which were tracked through the U.S. news media, and worldwide. Screen shots captured the dramatic speed and distribution of information throughout the world. In addition, comments highlighted and documented the high emotions of people globally, on the political issues and environment in the state. Analytical data highlighted from selected YouTube videos through "YouTube's Insight" illustrated the age group, gender, geographic location of the viewership. Faculty at the presentation were engaged and, at times, overwhelmed of the emotion from the documented videos.

One faculty commented, "I was at the March 12th protests in Madison, and seeing the video makes my hair stand up on the back of my neck." Another faculty member, who originally was from Iran reflected, "I thought this footage was from Washington, DC!" I informed her that no, this was shot in Madison. She continued by saying that these protests look like the ones in Iran over 30 years ago.

More presentations and writings are planned for this topic. If you'd like to know more, or contribute, please let me know. Let's discuss, collaborate, and learn.

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