Thursday, January 03, 2013

Wordle 2012 View of The Learning Space

To commemorate the main themes of The Learning Space for 2012, and to look ahead for the developing trends of 2013, I made use of the innovative tool Wordle to create a word map.  This is a great tool to create "word clouds" to illustrate a proportional listing of key words.  In looking at some of the key blog posts for 2012, the words social, media, faculty, and learning were prominent.  In addition, based upon my work with digital reporting, the words CNN, relevant, authentic, stories, classroom, and teaching were emphasized.

These trending words are expected to continue throughout 2013, and new technology tools of mobile appliance and social media strategies will likely be prominent story lines both in academic and corporate environments.

While many new technology tools will be developed, introduced, and disseminated this year , the key component in our effective use of social media is still our ability to write compelling and authentic stories, supplemented with dyanmic and engaging imagery and rich media.

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