Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Collaborative Learning Spaces

Collaborative Learning Environments
When designing new learning spaces, it is important to consider the physical environment, the layout of the space, and the objective of the space in relation to the student. If you have the opportunity to begin with an open area (new or remodeled), surveying many different learning environment before you begin drawing the first line of your design is very important. In my research, I came upon the Herman Miller Resolve system. It is a very unique design with excellent design characteristics. The concept is built upon a matrix structure based upon 120-degree angles. As the literature states, it is an "open, inviting, space-efficient workstations where people feel "comfortable and connected." This concept is very conducive for collaborative learning. I have designed a small demonstration space for this system in our Wing Technology Center, and have been working with our collaborative planning group in Murphy Library to integrate a larger "wishbone" layout. We will be working together to collect data on how students use these spaces to promote learning and interaction in their "university experience." Future postings of our experiences will be posted to this blog. Feel free provide your opinions on this concept.

For more information on Herman Miller products, consider going to their excellent web site.

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