Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Collaborative Learning Space Unveiled

Collaborative Learning Environments 2

A new collaborative learning space was unveiled on our campus, as part of our Passport to Technology 3. A small version of the Herman Miller Resolve system has been installed, to complement a larger layout in our Murphy Library. There has been a continual and collaborative process of meetings and discussion between myself and the planning committee in our library. The layout in the photo (left) shows a system to introduce a collaborative learning environment to faculty and students. It will be a place where we can discuss the philosophy of collaborative learning, and how we develop teaching strategies to enhance student learning. We will be tracking how students utilize these new learning environments, and assess how we may "roll out" additional collaborative learning areas in the library and around campus.


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I would like to contact you regarding a speaking opportunity at the annual conference of the National College Learning Center Association. Can you send me your email address?

Kate Ranft
NCLCA Vice President

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Conceiving and implementing collaborative learning spaces is a hot topic nationally, and on top of my discussion points in my current presentations I give. If you require additional information you may contact me at: