Monday, November 05, 2012

Social Media- Making Teaching and Learning Authentic

On location with the President-November 3, 2012
Since 2011, I have been covering and researching the effects of social media, particularly in the environment of politics.  Throughout the 2012 political season, I have been focusing more intently on the Presidential campaign, and how social media is utilized to disseminate and distribute content and multimedia to the world.  The speed of which social media can move can be blazingly fast.  Not only fact can facts be quickly disseminated, but so can fictional content.
To make teaching and learning more relevant or authentic, as educators we can utilize and better understand the uses of social media to present "real world digital stories" to further engage students in the learning process.  To actively engage both students and faculty can create a more collaborative learning environment.

In capturing fleeting historic moments and using social media to communicate them, can bring an entirely new and authentic learning experience to the classroom as well as to the public. As one blogger commented about my work, Jim is using social media to document "history in real time."

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