Friday, February 24, 2012

Social Media and Politics

The 2012 EDUCAUSE West/Southwest Regional Conference was held in Portland. The event was very well organized and planned. The conference theme was "Engaging Everyone Effectively." A good number of sessions focused on the use of social media. In my presentation, "Engagement with Social Media in Politically Charged Times: Making Learning Relevant with Technology" we took a detailed looked how social media is reinforcing, influencing, or change our public perceptions of politics. The main focus was to consider strategies and methodologies to make student learning more relevant and engaging. Through a year long study, we are able to dramatically illustrate how faster social media messaging travels, and how we need to find ways to determine its accuracy and author attribution. The session was webcast on-line via Mediasite and is available for on demand viewing. For more web streamed resources on this topic, feel free to go to a related blog, Social Media and Politics.

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